T.V. and Radio appearances. - (please scroll down for live shows)

Currently very incomplete. PLEASE send me any details you have ESPECIALLY any old video footage. (please, pretty please)



19th June 1964, Five O'Clock Club, Associated Rediffusion (ITV).
Children's programme.
Source NME article Lifelines of the stars, 28th August 1964; AND reminded by Paul Moy.
12th August 1964, Top Of The Pops, BBC1
19th August 1964, Top Of The Pops, BBC1
Late August/early September date uncertain. Live interview with Peter Snow. ITV Source: Thunderbolt: The Joe Meek Appreciation Society Magazine No. 41 [2004]
This was apparently supposed to be a live interview of Joe Meek but he was "unavailable" at the time, so Peter Snow ended up interviewing Honey Lantree instead. "Have I the Right?" performed live, followed by an interview with Honey. A fragment of this was included in BBC2's Arena: The Strange Story of Joe Meek (1991). Click her to view this. Further thanks due to Paul Moy for pointing this out.
2nd September 1964, Top Of The Pops, BBC1
9th September 1964, Top Of The Pops, BBC1
18th September 1964, Ready Steady Go! Rediffusion (ITV)
Source NME article 18th September 1964.
4th October 1964, SCHEDULED Sunday Night at the London Palladium,
Source: NME article dated 11th September 1964. It is quite likely that this did not happen, however, as it was about the time that Martin Murray broke his leg and arm in Peterborough. According to a later article Peter Pye played his first live gig on the 7th at the 100 club in Soho.
Friday 9th October 1964, Ready Steady Go! Rediffusion (ITV)
Source NME article 18th September 1964.
17th October 1964, Thank Your Lucky Stars. ABC TV
Source IMDB
19th October 1964, Beat Room, BBC-2 co-starring with Carl Perkins
Friday 20th November 1964, BBC1 Crackerjack (CRACKERJACK!!!)
Source NME article dated 13th November.
November 24th - 26th Two TV shows in Paris
Source NME article dated 30th October 1964
(note) According to Disc (w/e Nov 21) "On December 8, they appear on TV from Paris Olympia." This may have been a recording of one of these shows broadcast in British TV? Either that or they went back to Paris again just over a week later.
1st December 1964, Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion, ITV
source NME article dated 27th November 1964
8th December 1964, Appearance from Olympia Paris See note above
24th December 1964, Top Of The Pops Christmas special, BBC1
26th December 1964, Thank Your Lucky Stars (recorded 20th Dec.
source, Disc. - W/E November 21, 1964 (with thanks to Paul Moy)
28th December 1964, Discs a gogo, TWW-TV presented by Kent Walton TWW was Television Wales and the West, the independent TV channel for Wales.


January 1965, Red Skelton Show, USA. pre-recorded in London.
According to Disc, (w/e Nov 21) "They will tape a spot for insertion in America's famous Red Skelton TV show on November 24." (with thanks to Paul Moy)
17th April, Thank Your Lucky Stars, ABC (That's The Way)
29th April 1965, Top Of The Pops, BBC1 (That's The Way)
24th July, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Summer Spin. 26th August 1965, Top Of The Pops, BBC1 (That's The Way)
3rd September 1965, Ready Steady Go (That's The Way)
9th September 1965, Top Of The Pops, BBC1 (That's The Way)

The Honeycombs Mark II line up with Viv Prince sitting in on drums. Honey Lantree standing next to Denis D'Ell performing That's The Way at The London Palladium. Remaining line up Peter Pye, Alan Ward, and John Lantree.
The Honeycombs Mark II line up with Viv Prince sitting in on drums. Honey Lantree standing next to Denis D'Ell performing That's The Way at The London Palladium. Remaining line up Peter Pye, Alan Ward, and John Lantree.
Sunday 5th December 1965, London Palladium for "The New London Palladium Show". They played That's The Way featuring Honey duetting with Denis. Viv Prince (former drummer with The Pretty Things) took over on drums.
Friday 31st December 1965, Crackerjack, BBC
Friday 31st December 1965, Five O'Clock Club, Rediffusion


12th March 1966 Studio One presented by Antonello Falqui,Rai Uno, Italy.



Radio debut

"Top Six" Radio Luxembourg
source, NME article Lifelines of the stars. 27th August 1964.


15th January 1965, Joe Loss Pop Show (BBC Light programme)
22nd August 1965, Ready Steady Radio, (Radio Luxembourg)
with The Fortunes, Sue Thompson, and The Vagabonds.

www.tv.com source for some of the TV listings here.

The Honeycombs Gig History

This is going to be a patchy work in progress for some time so please bear with me as I reconstruct some of the band's live appearances from the sixties.

Before The Honeycombs

The Sheratons had a residency at the Mildmay Tavern in Balls Pond Road, London N1. This gig became so popular that the landlord had to shut the doors at nine o'clock to prevent too many people getting in.
It was at one of these regular gigs in February 1964 that both the band, and songwriters Howard and Blaikley had a lucky meeting and so began the story of The Honeycombs.

Howard and Blaikley financed the band to record a 4 track acetate disc at City of London studios Whitechapel and with their increased popularity they outgrew the Mildmay and played some larger venues including the Victoria Palace Theatre with Joe Brown and Max Bygraves. Dates unknown.

Honeycombs gigs

Friday 28th August Leamington Spa (Honey's 21st birthday and party at L'Hirondelle BUSY DAY! See Record Mirror cutting linked below.)
Saturday 29th August, 1964, Hasting Pier with support from Shelley [formerly of The Sabres) Source

Thursday 3rd September 1964 Kidderminster
Friday 4th September 1964 Lydney, Gloucester
Saturday 5th September 1964 Gainsborough
Sunday 6th September 1964 Top Ten club, Belle Vue, Manchester
Wednesday 9th September 1964 Stourbridge Town Hall,
Thursday 10th September 1964 Wolsey Hall, Chesunt,
Friday 11th September 1964 Trentham Gardens, Stoke,
Saturday 12th September 1964 Astoria Ballroom, Rawtenstall Support from Stuart Littlewood source

Sunday 13th through Friday 18th September 1964 Birmingham area including
Monday 14th September 1964, Assembly Rooms, Tamworth with support from Jeff Silvas and the Four Stooges Admission: 7'/6d - Vince Baker Entertainments. Source Record Mirror 4th September 1964


Monday 21st September 1964, St. Francis Xavier Hall, Dublin and Landscape Club, Dublin
Tuesday 22nd September 1964, Orchid, Donegal and Butt Hall,Ballybofey, Donegal
Wednesday 23rd September 1964, Top Hat, Lisburn and Castle ballroom, Bambridge
Thursday 24th September 1964, Romano's Belfast and The Royal Arms, Omagh


source NME article dated 21st August 1964.
Friday 25th September 1964, Kirkaldy Raith, Fife Saturday 26th September 1964, Auchinleck community centre, Ayrshire, Sunday 26th September 1964, Top Ten, Dundee, Monday 28th September 1964, Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline with support from local regulars "The Red Hawks" source

Wednesday 30th September 1964, Locarno Ballroom Swindon, The Honeycombs with support from Dave Dee And The Bostons Source NOTE: This is probably the gig mentioned elsewhere on this site when Dave Dee and The Bostons supported the Honeycombs at the request of Denis D'Ell. Honeycombs managers Howard and Blaikley then took them on and the band changed their name to Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Titch. However there is a possible problem with this. Firstly DDDBMT say on their website that it was a Thursday gig which was their only free date in their summer season with Butlins. Secondly there is a source which places the date of the Peterborough gig below on 29th September, in which case it is highly unlikely that they played the very next night after such a serious incident.

Cutting from NME referring to forthcoming gig dates.
NME cutting 2nd October 1964
Early October (or possibly 29th September, see note above, source NME 18th September "popliners") Peterborough Palais The gig at which Martin Murray was pulled off stage by overenthusiastic fans and broke his leg and arm. As a result he missed the next few weeks worth of gigs.

7th October 1964 100 club Soho, London (first gig with Peter Pye standing in for Martin Murray

10th October 1964 California Ballroom(Dunstable, Beds) with support from "The Stilettos" and "Tom Thumb and the Fingers" Have I the Right Night Admission 10/- source

12th October 1964 Jubilee Hall Burton-On-Trent
13th October 1964 Dorothy ballroom, Cambridge
Known locally as "The Dot" this venue closed in 1972.

Cutting from NME advertising the Big Beat Scene tour.

The Big Beat Scene Tour

Promoted by George Cooper & Larry Parnes
Pictures of the souvenir programme.

October 1964 Big Beat tour

Flyer for The Honeycombs, supported by Lulu, Millie, and The Applejacks, and Gene Vincent appearing at the Walthamstow Granada on Sunday 22nd November 1964

Sunday November 22nd 1964

The Honeycombs headlined their hometown at the Walthamstow Granada as part of the Big Beat Scene tour. Supported by Lulu and the Luvvers, Millie, The Applejacks, The Shouts, The Puppets, Daryl Quist, The Beat Merchants, and Special guest Gene Vincent.
17 - Finsbury Park (Astoria) Rainbow history.
18 - Coventry (Theatre)
19 - Harrow (Granada)
20 - Doncaster (Gaumont)
21 - Newcastle (Odeon)
22 - Sheffield (Gaumont)
23 - Bradford (Gaumont)
24 - Blackpool (Opera House)
25 - Liverpool (Empire)
26 - Kingston (Granada)
27 - Southampton (Gaumont)
28 - Cardiff (Capitol)
29 - Birmingham (Odeon)
30 - Nottingham (Odeon)
31 - Rochester (Odeon)

November 1964 big beat tour

01 - Lewisham (Odeon)
02 - Bedford (Granada)
03 - Manchester (Odeon)
04 - Hanley (Gaumont)
05 - Wolverhampton (Gaumont)
06 - Cheltenham (Odeon)
07 - Bournemouth (Winter Gardens)
08 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
10 - Kettering (Granada)
11 - Romford (Odeon)
12 - Southend (Odeon)
13 - Ipswich (Gaumont)
14 - Portsmouth (Guildhall)
15 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
17 - Woolwich (Granada)
18 - Greenford (Granada)
19 - Slough (Adelphi)
20 - Worcester (Gaumont)
21 - Tooting (Granada)
22 - Walthamstow (Granada)


2nd December 1964, Enniscorthy
3rd December 1964, Lifford
4th December 1964, Ballymena, and Lisburn
5th December 1964, Dún Laoghaire
Donlaoghra according to the NME article.
6th December 1964, Newry and Dundalk
Edendelk according to the NME srticle.


16th December 1964, Rialto, York, England.
Supported by Herman's Hermits and The Poets.
17th December 1964, Cecil theatre, Hull, England.
Supported by Herman's Hermits and The Poets.
18th December 1964, Spennymoor Rink, Derbyshire, England.


The Honeycombs Publicity shot taken in Copenhagen in front of the city hall (Raadhus). Likely to have been taken on the 2nd January 1965 or possibly on the day after the gig. Shows the mark II line up with Peter Pye, John, Honey, Denis, and Alan, feeding pigeons in the town square.
Publicity shot taken in Copenhagen in front of the city hall. Likely to have been taken on the 2nd January 1965 or possibly on the day after the gig. This is of course the MKII line up.

27th December 1964, First date of Scandinavian tour
source NME article dated 13th November 1964
31st December 1964 (NEW YEAR'S EVE) Stockholm, Sweden.

1965 dates

1st January 1965 (NEW YEAR'S DAY) Helsinki, Finland.
2nd January 1965 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Source NME article dated 27th November 1964

1965 "BIG SHOW" TOUR Australia and New Zealand

Promoted by Aztec Services / Stadiums Ltd (Australia)
Kerridge Odeon Ltd (New Zealand)
The Kinks, Manfred Mann, The Honeycombs, Tony Sheveton

SUPPORT ACTS: Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays (Australia), Tommy Adderley (NZ), The Merseymen (NZ)

19 January 1965 - Perth - Capitol Theatre (two shows)
21 January 1965 - Adelaide - Centennial Hall (two shows)
22, 23 January 1965 - Melbourne - Festival Hall (two shows)
26 January 1965 - Brisbane - Festival Hall (one show)
27 January 1965 - Newcastle - Century Theatre (one show)
29, 30 January 1965 - Sydney - Sydney Stadium (two shows)
4 February 1965 - Christchurch, NZ - Majestic Theatre

8th May 1965 March Markham Hall
10th May 1965 Bath Pavillion
11th May 1965 Liberal Hall, Yeovil
29th May, 1965 Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
5th June 1965, Town Hall, Loughborough
6th June 1965, Starlite, Wembley
11th June 1965, West Hartlepool Rink
Source Record Mirror 8th May 1965

Thursday 23rd September 1965 Ritz Entertainments Club, Skewen, Wales with The Iveys, and The Eyes Of Blue source

Cutting from KRLA Beat, a music paper based in Los Angeles.
KRLA beat cutting 7th October 1964

12th November 1965, Pontypool
13th November 1965, Smethwick Baths and West Bromwich Adelphi
18th November 1965, Victoria, Chesterfield
19th November 1965, Oasis, Manchester
26th November 1965, Allenford
27th November 1965, Rugby
29th November 1965, Whitchurch

Sunday 5th December 1965, London Palladium for "The New London Palladium Show". They played That's The Way featuring Honey duetting with Denis. Viv Prince (former drummer with The Pretty Things) took over on drums.


Saturday 9th April, 1966 ABC Theatre, Blackpool
Sunday 10th April, 1966 ABC Theatre, Blackpool
Both dates supporting headline act The Seekers, with further support from The Trebletones. Source


18th February 1967, The Upper Cut, Forest gate, London E7
Straight from their smash hit continental tour. First appearance on their home ground supported by the ERROL DIXON BAND the No. 1 blues band with the esoteric singer. 7.30-11.45 pm. Gentlemen 8/6d. Ladies 7/6d.
Information courtesy of Paul Moy, taken from the New Musical Express 11th February 1967. This issue also announced the death of Joe Meek.